Sun Valley to the NE Corner of Oregon


We drove from Sun Valley (Idaho) to Joseph (Oregon) yesterday; it was one of our longer car rides: 400 miles / more than 7 hours. Getting to this northeast corner of Oregon took us over beautiful rolling hills, past snow-capped mountains and swift-running rivers and some cattle that tried to escape, and finally around the Wallowa Mountains and Wallowa Lake.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 5.52.58 AM

Other than Shoshone Falls and Coeur d’Alene, neither Mike nor I had ever been to any of our stops on this trip. I did research on activities in each destination; I did NOT make reservations for anything other than hotels, mostly because we didn’t know how we’d feel at each place, or the weather that would greet us.

Turns out that jet boat tours and white water rafting on the Snake River aren’t scheduled for Mondays or Tuesdays in Hells Canyon. We discovered, quite by accident, that the Wallowa Lake Tramway was a short walk from our cabin at Eagle Cap Chalets. Taking a short hike at the summit was a nice way to view the surrounding beauty while getting some badly-needed exercise.

Mike thought that he overslept this morning – God forbid – because he thought it was 6:30. Moving back and forth across time zones as we crisscross Idaho and Oregon (and in a few days Washington) adds to our confusion. Nothing like not knowing what day it is! Ahhh… vacation!


One thought on “Sun Valley to the NE Corner of Oregon

  1. Beautiful country. But I did grow up in Spokane, went to school in the Palouse and summer’d on the lakes – so I may be a bit partial.


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