Sun Valley: Guest Blog by Mike Benson

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This is the first time for me (Mike) to write the blog for our “post-retirement” trip. (Not sure why Lisa decided to call it the post-retirement trip nor did she consult me on the name: must not have been a Friday when I am in CHARGE!!) But I digress.  Since this is my first time as author of this day’s blog and I am not the best at spelling, punctuation, or the correct form of words, I know that Lisa will be the Chief Editor and will make sure the Blog is up to her standards.  So here goes!

Sun Valley is a great place and very beautiful with quite a bit to do and see.  This morning we took a hike on Pioneer Mountain on a trail called Corral Creek.  We did not have a trail map and just followed the signs. (Thank God we did not have a map because the distance varies, which means you can walk as long as you want.  This would not have been Lisa’s choice if she knew at the time that the trail has no end.)  The hike was easy to moderate and was a lovely trail.  On our hike we ran into other hikers as well as quite a few mountain bikers; the only wild life we saw was a family with two little children running way ahead of their parents.  We hiked more then 8 miles and climbed more than 780 feet.  We would have gone farther but Mother Nature was calling Lisa so we had to turn around and head back to the car.

After the hike we went to Sun Valley Lodge, which is beautiful with lots to do (biking, hiking, shopping, golf, tennis and horseback riding) and several restaurants to enjoy a meal.  We had lunch and walked the grounds which were great.  On our walk on the Lodge’s grounds we ran into an outdoor Ice Skating rink where folks were skating.  Kind of strange to have an outdoor Ice Skating rink open in the middle of summer.  We did a little shopping in town before heading back to the hotel for a little nap (did you know that Lisa LOVES to take a nap every day??).

Today was a great day, and I would recommend Sun Valley as a must see.  As Lisa stated yesterday we will plan to come back to Sun Valley to ski.  Maybe I can talk her into staying at the Sun Valley Lodge.

Author: Mike Benson
Photography: Mike Benson
Editor: Lisa Power

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