Shoshone Falls and Sun Valley, ID

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Thanks for following our post-retirement road trip adventures on our blog! We are now in Day 11 of 17, our 6th of 9 stopovers; we arrived this afternoon at the Knob Hill Inn in Ketchum ID, just below Sun Valley. Today we drove from our beloved Deer Valley, up through northern Utah and into Idaho. I have family in Boise, but we won’t be visiting them this time. We crossed over the Perrine Bridge over the Snake River Canyon and ate at a wonderful restaurant (Canyon Crest) overlooking the Gorge. Then we headed for Shoshone Falls, less than 10 miles away.

46 years ago on our family sojourn from NJ to Idaho to meet our newly discovered Spanish Basque cousins we stopped at Shoshone Falls. I remembered that they were spectacular, and I was hoping that the memories from my adolescence wouldn’t be crushed when I saw the Falls again. You know how those childhood memories don’t come close when you try to recreate something that was so profound “back then”. I recalled that there was a really nice park where we could run around, do cartwheels, get some of that car-ride pent up energy released.

The Falls were as amazing as I remembered, and the park was really pretty; lots of trees and GRASS (haven’t seen THAT in awhile). I did not do any cartwheels, for two reasons: 1) I had on a skirt, and 2) Mike was worried that I’d hurt myself. I’ve taken that as a challenge, and I will indeed be doing cartwheels at some point on this trip. When I am wearing shorts.

After a very brief walk around the park and on the shortest trail ever created, we continued our trip up to Sun Valley. We walked to the River Run ski access to check out potential hikes for tomorrow, came back to the hotel for dinner, and I’m now waiting for sunset over the mountains to catch a few sunset shots before I download our hundreds of photos and choose 20 or so for tonight’s entry.

Based on what we’ve seen so far, we may need to plan a ski trip here in the future!

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