I started this blog as a way to share recipes and “insider tips” that I learned while marketing Arbonne anti-aging products. It has evolved to include our travel adventures, starting with our road trip from California to Camano Island WA in 2016, and our Camino del Norte trek in Spain. 

A quintessential “Jersey Girl”, I moved to Seattle on my 44th birthday where I met & married the man of my dreams, Mike. From there we spent an amazing 15 years in Manhattan Beach CA, going to Deer Valley to ski every year. Mike finally convinced me to move to Park City in 2018. It’s been a wonderful place to live! “Come for the winter; stay for the summer”, say the locals. 

Park City has been the perfect place to be during the pandemic. Having a large yard for our “pandemic puppies”, hiking trails right behind our house, a practically empty neighborhood, and people who followed all of the CDC guidelines made the terrible year more than bearable. 

I’ll be sharing the next chapter of our journey here, as we come out of the pandemic fog and start to experience the new normal. Thank you for joining us! 


Camino del Norte

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