Hurricane Creek & Hells Canyon Overlook

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Our time in the Hells Canyon region was mostly spent hiking. Or better said, MIKE spent a lot of time hiking! I tagged along for our hike at the top of Mount Howard yesterday, and I discovered what Mike and I agreed was a beautiful hike over Hurricane Creek today. The sounds of the rushing water, rustling leaves and birdsong, and the scent of the evergreens all combined for a pretty fabulous couple of hours. We passed a few other people, but for the most part we had the trail to ourselves.

After grabbing a bite to eat at Embers Brew House in Joseph, we took an hour’s drive to the Hells Canyon Overlook in the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest. Having gotten lost in Monument Valley 9 days ago, I was a little less confident about our destination as I might have been. We made it to the overlook, and we agreed that the drive was definitely worth it.

The only regret, if we had one, was that the light wasn’t great for the pictures. Once again, our attempts at capturing the beauty of the forest don’t do the reality justice.

If we come back, we’d probably look into staying on the Idaho side of Hells Canyon. And we’d build the rest of our trip around a 1- or 2-day white water rafting trip on days when the trips run.

Looking forward to our relatively short trip to Colton, WA to visit our friends Kay & Ty Meyer at Red Barn Farms, and then another short drive up to Coeur d’Alene, ID for the night.




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