Monument Valley

Once again I have to give a shout-out to my Mom for her vacation planning skills. When I was 14 she planned a weeks-long trip for our family of 6 to drive from New Jersey to Idaho, with interesting stops along the way. My Mom’s idea of camping was staying at a hotel without a pool. My Dad’s idea of a vacation included historical stops at places like the Truman Library, as many forts as my Mom would allow, and various monuments. My sisters and I liked the hikes, the stops at parks and waterfalls, and the hotels that did have pools. One of my fondest memories was swimming in Jenny Lake in the Grand Teton National Park.

When I was 16, my Mom planned a month-long trip to Spain to meet and spend time with my paternal grandmother’s family and my Dad’s cousins from Idaho. I had a blast, and when Mike and I did a similar trip 30 years later I chose places that I loved as a teen-ager to revisit.

Cramming what should probably take 4 weeks of travel from CA through the southwest and up to Seattle into 17 days was challenging! We have four stops with single overnights. Monument Valley was one of those stops. The View Cabins were “rustic” – no TV (which we didn’t miss), no WiFi (which we did), but at least they had a coffee maker. The view from the cabin was spectacular. I woke up very early just to open the shades so that we’d get to experience the sunrise.

Having been lost on dirt roads for 2 hours the afternoon before, we decided to hit the road to Santa Fe earlier than we’d planned. I’m glad that we did, but sorry that we didn’t take any pictures during our sojourn on Tribal Lands. These are the shots that we did capture while drinking coffee on our cabin porch at sunrise.

So far, we’ve wound our way from California to Arizona, up to Utah for a quick overnight, and back down through AZ to New Mexico. Both Mike and I have now been to 49 states, with Alaska coming up next month! Here’s the map of our first 4 days of our road trip.

We are now happily ensconced in Santa Fe for a few days, with day trips to Albuquerque and Taos.


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