Antelope Canyon,Being Spontaneous

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Those of you who know me know that I live my life on spreadsheets. My Mom always had a cheat sheet for every holiday or fancy dinner party. Her vacation trip planning was mighty impressive. I’m glad that I’ve inherited that planning gene.

BUT: sometimes my proclivity for scheduling every second of every day gets in the way of being open to something wonderful. I’m working on that during our first adventure. I’ll never be a “fly by the seat of my pants” person, but maybe, just maybe I’ll loosen the reins just a little and see where it leads.

We took over 200 pictures in Lower Antelope Canyon (in northern Arizona, sort of en route to Monument Valley). Choosing just a few was mission impossible!

I’d like to point out one shot in particular. Our guide warned us not to lean against the walls, because sometimes spiders are there. We can’t see them because they’re so small. The telephoto lens caught quite a few of them, having a party of some sort.

We’ll go back to Antelope Canyon some day and take the photography tour. During our group tour yesterday there was a group of young ladies from Japan who took posed pictures (individual and group – and there were 6 of them) at every corner. Literally every corner. The tour normally takes an hour. Because we were in the tour behind them, our guide tried in vain to keep them moving along. And then they were in everyone else’s pictures because they were always in the way. The photography tour moves the other tours out of the way so that the photographers can have an unobstructed shot. Definitely the way to go.

Not having internet at the cabin in Monument Valley has put me off schedule. Trying to deal with my anxiety! Our next stop is Santa Fe, and I’ll have a few days to catch up.



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