New Mexico! Taos

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We finally made it to New Mexico! Both Mike and I have now been to 49 out of 50 states. We were excited as we crossed over the state line (and then drove over the Continental Divide). The northern part of the state is beautiful. We’re staying at the Hotel Santa Fe, the only Native-owned hotel in Santa Fe. It’s lovely, and I’d recommend it.

Today (Saturday) we drove up to Taos from Santa Fe via the “High Road to Taos” (we drove back via the “Low Road” that parallels the Rio Grande River). We took a quick run (drive actually) to Taos Ski Valley to check out the ski resort, had lunch at The Stray Dog Cantina (my choice ~ don’t get any ideas; I still don’t like Mexican food), then did a tour of the Taos Pueblo. This Pueblo has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of the most significant historical cultural landmarks in the world (other sites include the Taj Mahal, Great Pyramids and the Grand Canyon). The story of the Taos Pueblo is fascinating and heartbreaking.

We drove over to the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge to see this amazing gorge in the middle of nowhere and then headed back to Santa Fe.

It was nice to have a relatively “light” day for a change, although 5 hours of driving took its toll. We had dinner at Luminaria; started eating outside on the patio, but decided to move inside when the thunder & lightning started.

Tomorrow we’ll stay in Santa Fe and enjoy our last full day in New Mexico!



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