Oviedo: A Day of Rest!


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Camino de Santiago del Norte
Day 19 of our Adventure: Stay in Oviedo
Wednesday September 20, 2017


After finding a new Fitbit for Mike, his old one started working on its own. So we have an extra one in case he has another issue. No luck on the camera lens cover. After we ran some errands we walked around town for a bit, had a café con leche, and then found a laundromat.

Then we had a delicious comida at Casa Fermín, one of the best. We didn’t do the “Menu del Día” today. Typically, the menu includes a starter such as soup or salad, an entrée, dessert, and a bottle of wine for 12€ per person. By the time you leave you are very full! This restaurant didn’t have that option, and we ordered from the menu. The tuna tartare with wasabi “ice cream” was a huge appetizer which we split. And the cochinillo wasn’t what we expected, but it was good nonetheless. I guess you really have to go to Segovia for the real deal.

We had a lovely stroll through the Campo de San Francisco, a park in the center of Oviedo, densely shaded and a very popular thoroughfare, and visited one of the 3 churches in the city. And we saw some fun sculptures throughout the city!

Eventually we made it to the Cathedral, specifically the Metropolitan Cathedral Basilica of the Holy Saviour, or Cathedral of San Salvador. The exceptional portal is framed with 12th century statues of saints, smiling and in conversation with one another, in the style of the Pórtico de la Gloria of the Cathedral in Santiago. The Capilla Mayor has an acclaimed, enormous retablo on the life of Christ. The inside was breathtaking. We got there a little too late for a guided tour.

Getting ready for our 15 and a half-mile trek tomorrow. It was good to have an extra day of rest. Oh, the picture of the stairwell is from the top floor of our hotel (where our room is). Thankful for an elevator.

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