From SEA to EAS via Madrid

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Camino de Santiago del Norte
Day 2 of Our Adventure: Madrid and San Sebastian
Sunday September 3, 2017

We arrived in Madrid at 9 AM (1 PM PDT). Thank God for Mike’s frequent flyer miles! Getting at least a little bit of sleep in Business Class was wonderful! Still zombie-like in spite of that, we had a 10-hour layover before our flight to San Sebastian, so we decided take a guided tour of the neighborhoods in Madrid. We hit a few tapas bars and had delicious Spanish Tortillas, Sangria, and Jamón Ibérico (“the finest ham in the world”). We visited the Plaza Oriente, the Royal Palace, Cibeles Square, San Miguel food market and toured the architecture of Gran Vía. Our 3 hours with Diego were terrific, and we managed to stay on our feet for the entire day!

Our trip to San Sebastian was an exercise in frustration. I’m curious: When you check your luggage through to its final destination, do you double check everything on your claim tickets? 2 American Airlines flights and 1 Iberian Airlines flight: luggage checked from SEA (Seattle) to DFW (Dallas), then MAD (Madrid), and finally EAS (San Sebastian). I saw “EAS” and did my happy dance. I did not double check to ensure that the flight that WE were on was the same flight as our luggage. So we arrived in beautiful San Sebastian around sunset. No luggage. Turns out that our bags were on a different flight, one that was scheduled to come in an hour and 15 minutes after ours. As luck would have it, that flight was diverted (God knows why), and our luggage is now in Pamplona. It will apparently get transferred to the San Sebastian airport tomorrow morning.

We finally got to the Hotel Londres y Inglaterra in San Sebastian after traveling for more than 30 hours. It is a beautiful evening. We can’t believe that we’re here!! After a good night’s sleep we’ll be ready to sort out our luggage situation. The wonderful people at San Sebastian Walking Tours were so wonderful. They switched our tour of the city & tapas bars to Tuesday.

One thought on “From SEA to EAS via Madrid

  1. Sorry to hear about your luggage. Our son’s luggage was also lost, but the airlines didn’t know where it was. It took them 6 days to find it and get it back to us. My recommendation is to just go with the flow, you’ll hit bumps (some small, so big) but things will work out and it adds to the adventure of it all.
    You are going to have an amazing time, even with the bumps you hit 😀


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