Sedona: O.M.G


8 hours in the car, a coffee stop in Palm Springs, a quick lunch at a Mexican restaurant (yes, that’s right- I actually chose the restaurant), and finally we drove into Sedona. It took Mike 5 minutes to fall in love with this beautiful place. “We’re coming back!” We hadn’t even checked into our hotel.

I posted a few mediocre pictures on Facebook that I took with my cell phone. We were giddy, maybe because we’d been awake since 3:00 AM, maybe because we were excited to be out of the car. Sedona won our hearts. What a great choice to start our adventure.

We’re staying at the Amara Resort & Spa, which I can highly recommend. We had dinner at Mariposa, where we witnessed a gorgeous sunset and a brief wind & rain squall. We’re planning an easy hike today and figuring out the rest of our activities as we go…. We are “planning to be spontaneous” to the extent that I can stand it!

I’ve always said that I don’t think there’s any place more beautiful than Seattle in the summertime. Seattle, you have a worthy rival.


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